Setting Boundaries – and a pattern promotion

Everyone probably has a need to set limits at some point. It may be personal boundaries, or quite specific boundaries. As for instance my neighbor, who needs to fence the entire property in with a two-meter high metal fence. I do not know whether it is to keep the tenants inside, or to keep the neighbors out? But boundaries are also set in the wider sense, such as demarcation problems – how do I defined my topic? Books have been written about it.

Then there are the ones who understand the world through knitting needles. My contribution here is the hat, KT Boundary Hat, which I designed 2 years ago. It is inspired by a quite significant boundary, namely the geological boundary that marks the transition between the Cretaceous and Tertiary. It was at the time dinosaurs became extinct. The boundary is marked by fish clay layer in Stevns, see link.

Inspiration for the hat I got from seismic interpretations. The seismic output is a background consisting of a gray texture, and the geologist to interpret seismic, marks the transition between the geological layers with colorful lines, typically in the basic colors red, green and blue.

The pattern is free throughout the month of October with the purchase of one of my other patterns on Ravelry. Make use of the offer by adding the pattern to your cart and apply the coupon code SettingBoundaries

Oh  -  and the pattern is free for existing customers as well.

Happy knitting!

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