One of my goals is to knit something for my family that they can appreciate and enjoy using. I knit all the time, so ideally they should be dressed in knitted garments from head to toe. I mean,  who else would? Yet have the feeling that I can not really figure out what they appreciate, and even though they are kind and encouraging, I’m afraid I can not live up to the ideal at this point. And then again. When I saw this photo, I realized, that we’re all really heavy users of my knitting!

To the left is a retro-inspired hat, updated with new colors. It is knitted in my favorite yarn,  Peer Gynt from Sandnes, so durable, it will probably last for 100 years. The hat was actually a sample where I made some experiments with different patterns and colors for a baby sweater. I ended up not using the pattern, the orange was just too modern for a sweater. The hat turned out to be quite popular – and it still is.

The knitter flashes two pieces of home knitting! The hat is in fact a cowl, Tuesday Night Cowl, by Susan Lawrence. It is knitted in Cascade 220 Wool, whose primary strength is the many colors it is available in. And it is wonderful to knit in. I love the hat, it is perfect when the hair is set up. The scarf is my Irene shawl, zen-knitting. I used the the most wonderful yarn for it, Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light.

The head band has been popular as well. It is just a simple cable worked as a long strip, and grafted together. A super quick project. Again, most often simple designs can work really well. The head band is worked in Cascade 220 Wool.




Oh, and the yellow hat! You could say it was a random project made in Variant Garn fra Sandnes, that I got at a flea marked for no money. A simplified version of   the Mix and Match Nordic-hat,  designed by Kirsten Spurkland. I brought her The Knitting Man(ual), a while back, a book that contains several excellent basic patterns for men, including this hat. The hat is used frequently, which the knitter is very pleased about. Once more, when the young family members are wearing the hat, it turns into a true fashion statement! More images on Ravelry.

But something is wrong here! This youngster is not wearing any hand knit! In fact he does. A pair of lovely, black finger gloves, knitted in Uldgarn from Netto. They are quite anonymous, and I can’t help thinking that they look like something you could just buy in any store. That doesn’t implicate, that the gloves are not perfect, they are, and they result from numerous experiments to create the perfect gloves with the perfect fit and the perfect thumb. I will write down the pattern at some point.

And in addition, you cannot see all the woolen, hand knit socks we are wearing, the sweaters and huge number of mittens we have in our suitcases. What strikes me, is that the projects we have valued the most, is the simple but pretty design, worked in durable, high quality yarn, not necessarily expensive. We have been using the hats, mittens, scarfs, socks through several winters, and it looks like it will continue to be used. That is just the way I want it to be, I will just go on knitting!

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