Pattern thoughts -

or the Social-democratic project, anno 1954

It is no coincidence that the ball of yarn on the front of the knitting pattern for this lovely cardigan is red. In fact, the pattern is an election pamphlet published by the Social Democrats for the local elections on March 2, 1954. Most likely to address the the – maybe not so interested in politics – knitting woman. “What thoughts come to mind while knitting?” asked the pamphlet, “For all that is woman’s present and future.” Four tableaux from four stages in women’s lives are outlined for the reader. The young girl “knitting the jumper, that she is sure her boyfriend will like like” – her main concern is to find accommodation that “should not be too expensive, so you should probably try to get an apartment built with support from public funds.” The young mother with children in kindergarten, thinking in particular on her daughter ”Lise, the practical girl (…) even buttons and laces have kindergarten teacher taught her to tie.” The housewife with big kids are first and foremost concerned about the husband’s job, and a possible upcomming economic crisis and unemployment. For the children’s sake, it is important that there is work for their father, “I wonder if they in the Town Hall are going to have jobs ready, when the crisis is coming?” Finally the grandmother who rejoice welfare benefits as hospital and the husband’s age allowance, “and now we really must look into the public senior houses. There we can live with our own furniture and all the wonderful photographs of the children. ”

“The pattern helps you to get your knitting right. But it is up to you yourself to do something about your life pattern. ”

The pattern gives food for thoughts, especially today, where you can wonder what has become of the project of the Social Democrats. In the municipal elections in 1954, it was “a beautiful and smooth pattern” and all the things that can help to “get  a beautiful, lively and smooth-running life pattern that was on the Social Democrats’ agenda. It was “good apartments for young people, for families with children and the elderly, good child care and schools with modern teaching facilities, municipal evening classes, cheap hospital charges,  good management of social laws, sports facilities and full employment. ”

Now, I am going to cast on for the cardigan, and see where my thoughts in a pattern take me, here almost 30 years later.

PS – I found the pattern at a flea market in KB Hallen a few years ago, shortly before the sports hall burned down.


  1. Christine

    Det er altså både lidt sjovt og sørgeligt. Sjov idé at koble en opskrift sammen med en kampagne, men sørgeligt, at de er så langt fra deres gamle idealer! Glæder mig til at se, hvordan den ser ud færdig.

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